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  • Carrie Ann Knox

What's the hold up?'s official. No one will ever accuse me for being too quick to release the next book. I think we can all agree that the wait for book 2 in my cozy mystery series has been...a bit long. So what was the hold up, anyway?

Besides being a busy audiologist and private practice owner, something else definitely did get in the way a bit. For anyone wondering what the heck happened, well, this did:

My new writing buddy arrived!!!

So you'll have to excuse the wait, but our darling little girl was priority for a while (and don't tell her, but still is).

BUT despite the lack of sleep or time, the writing did eventually go on. We are getting VERY close here. So stay tuned for the sequel announcements! I can't wait to unleash the next installment.

I have to say, this is definitely my favorite writing view so far.

What's your favorite view for writing or reading?

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