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Critics Review

"Cozy mystery readers are in for a treat" --Midwest Book Review.

My favorite blurb so far!

Happy 4th of July!

Things are exciting here on this 4th of July not because of fireworks, but because my first editorial review for NO FEIGN NO GAIN was just published in Midwest Book Review....and the senior reviewer D. Donovan had some really lovely things to say!

It is quite long, so here are a few more quotes:

"No Feign No Gain cultivates the fine feel of a cozy mystery..."

"Surprises, lies, truths, and new revelations keep No Feign No Gain fast-paced, revealing, and hard to put down..."

"a frighteningly compelling sense of mystery..."

"Carrie Ann Knox provides a fun series of observations about these interactions and different perspectives that lends humor and fun to the story..."

"Readers will find the mystery absorbing, fueled by Quinn's first-person observations and subplots that keep the action swift and the characters realistic and attractive to the end."

You can find the full review in the July edition of Midwest Book Review here.

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