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  • Carrie Ann Knox

Exciting Launch!

This has been fun! To celebrate the release of NO FEIGN NO GAIN, book 2 of the Sonic Sleuths Series cozy mysteries, I gave away book 1 for free for a few days. And the response was, well, kind of overwhelming. Several THOUSANDS of people picked up the freebie. And that lead to a bit of exposure as it climbed the charts:

It hit deep into the Top 100 Free of the entire Amazon store!

Plus ranked #1 in a number of categories, including the highly competitive cozy mystery chart and several Teen & Young Adult categories.

So happy to get the first in the series to so many new hands.

It has been a fun ride so far. But just beginning! I got an enthusiastic response from the audiology community...which warms my heart as I am thrilled to shine a little positive light on the field of hard-working hearing care specialists.

I have also just heard that the new book was handpicked for a complimentary Newsletter promotion with a prominent book deal we will see what's next!

Stay tuned.

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