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  • Carrie Ann Knox

Cover Reveal!

HUGE news!!! As my sequel launch is now just around the corner, I can finally announce the well as reveal the gorgeous cover by the genius at Bookfly Designs. And I could NOT be more thrilled.

So without further ado, please welcome-- NO FEIGN NO GAIN, to be released JUNE 5th!

I hope the cozy mystery world will love it as much as I do. After the long wait, I truly appreciate the patience of my readers.

There's a little something in there for all my audiologists, too, of course! Beginning with the title, I made sure to include a MAJOR term from our little universe this time.

And don't worry-- the hearing tech will continue playing a role in the could it not? Audiology rocks! I love both my worlds, hearing AND writing, so I might as well combine them, I feel. So much fun!

It will be available right away in print and eBook...but the Audiobook should be ready only days later! For those waiting for it, I'll let you guys know as soon as it's out.

(By the way, my new audiobook narrator is OUT of this world. You'll see soon.)

So what do you think? Title/cover work? Hit me up.

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